nic dunbar

Worship Minister

brian offutt

Senior Minister

mary eichelberger

Office Manager

ben Pickett

Executive Minister


Children's Minister

Meredith platt 

Student Minister


Preschool Minister

kyna sanderson

Nursery Coordinator
West Houston follows a Biblical model of leadership that includes appointing elders from among the church body (Acts 20, 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, 1 Peter 5). The Elders are organized into two groups: 1) Overseers, and 2) Shepherds.

Overseers provide leadership and make decisions for the church. West Houston is governed by a group of oversight elders, who work closely with the church’s preaching minister and executive minister. Each overseer serves a five year term.
Shepherds provide teaching and spiritual counsel to West Houston members. They are always available to those in the church that may need them. New overseers, when needed, are chosen from the shepherding elders.

Oversight elders

shepherding elders

Mike Arnold
Chuck Cervas
Keith Hawes
 Don Leinweber
Scott John
Steve Morris
Stephen Sheasby
 Cary Simonds
Guy Suffridge