story project
Story Project is a non profit organization that is passionate about changing the life stories of children who are in need of safe and loving foster and adoptive families. We believe that God is the author of all stories and is the maker of a better story for orphans. Story Project strives to support foster and adoptive families' physical, mental, and spiritual needs, by providing:

  1. Monthly Support Group Meetings 
  2. Storeroom providing for the basic needs for foster & adoptive families
  3. Venue for state mandated foster/adoptive certification and CEU classes. 
  4. Support for kinship families with certification and home readiness. 
  5. Mentoring for children "aging out" or emancipating from the foster care system. 
  6. Babysitting for foster & adoptive families who need a night out. 
  7. Continued awareness and education resources. 
  8. Support and resources for public and private foster & adoption agencies.

We seek to become the pages of His story as we love and serve others in our community. 

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