Join us sunday morning at 9:45am for bible class

Revealing the Character of God; A New Look at Old Testament Stories
Room 202
Short Description:  This class will take a new look at some of the most familiar, and misunderstood, stories of the Old Testament to gain a renewed understanding of the true character of God as expressed through the scriptures.Longer Description:  This 9 week class will seek to allow modern Hebrew scholarship to transform common children’s versions of Old Testament stories into their original and true meanings so that we can have a renewed and better understanding of the true character of God as illustrated to us through the scriptures.  The Bible is a unified story that points to Jesus, so a clearer understanding of the character of God is a necessary part of more fully understanding Jesus.

History of the Christian Church; A Broad View of the History of Christianity, 2nd Century through the Present
Room 206
The "History of the Christian Church" is a 9-Lesson broad view of the History of Christianity from the 2nd Century through Modern Day.  It will survey major events, movements, and persons involved in the grand adventure of Christianity as it has played out through the centuries following the arrival of Jesus Christ and the work of the 1st Century Apostles.  But beyond just "history lessons," the series will focus on trends -- good and bad! -- that still impact the Church today.  It is still true that persons who fail to learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them!