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Impact is a growing, diverse family helping each other along in the ever-changing heart of Houston. From living rooms where our small groups meet, to the parks where we play with the neighborhood kids; from the ramshackle rent houses on one side of the tracks, to the sprouting town homes next door; from the special needs living communities, to the lean-to and tent shelters in wooded urban areas; the life of this body extends across the face of the city, across racial lines, across economic brackets, across the highs and lows and the fast and slows of urban life in Houston.

youth program

distribution center

homeless ministry

Impact has a large and active urban youth program that is constantly in need of Bible class teachers and volunteers.
For more information, Call Dennis Jaeger, 713.864.5667.
Impact has a large distribution center that provides food and clothing to those who need it.
To volunteer or donate, call David Beegle 713.862.7011. 
Impact has an active homelessness program that serves hot meals, offers laundry and shower facilities five days a week.
To volunteer please call the church office, 713.864.5667. 


Over the years many who have been a part of Impact have moved to other parts of the city, especially some children that we have known for a long time. We try to maintain contact with these families and offer transportation for worship and class times together. In addition, we offer transportation to those who live in two different facilities. For those who are physically or mentally challenged, one on the north and one in southwest Houston. Many of our Spanish-speaking families do not have transportation. The elderly have special needs and are sometimes transported by individual members in their personal automobiles. 


Light is where we try to walk. With love and grace, this is how we roll

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